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2011, September 11th - 24th: Buenos Aires, Argentina

2011, September 11th - 24th.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My first two weeks on the continent were spent at a Spanish language school in Buenos Aires. The city is vibrant and is perhaps best described as a cross between Latin America, Paris and New York. It is not blessed with a huge number of particular sights of interest, rather it is the atmosphere and character of the place that is the most enjoyable.

Verdict on learning Spanish.... I am flying the flag for the Bristish in being (a little) naff with languages. The amount of verb conjugation is vast, but at least they consistently pronounce it as it is written - unlike English pronounciation which is a bit random.

The following pictures give a bit of the flavour of the city:

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Holywood Cafe:
The Holywood district of the Barrio of Palermo is pretty hip, with many quirky bars and cafes.

Puenta de la Mujer:
Footbridge linking the mainland to the (modern) docks district of Puerto Madero

San Telmo Cafe:
View through the window of a cafe in the historic San Telmo district.

Avenida de 9 de Julio:
This very broad avenue disects the city north-south (ish). The women speaking into the microphone on the building is Evita (they love her).

Cementoria de la Recoleta:
This large cemetery is in the very posh Recoleta district. In is full of mausoleums of important people, which I found rather ostentatious and pretentious.

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